The future is no accident

We tell it as it is: Companies are not static entities, they are places at which dynamic processes take place. That is true for today and it also shapes our future. This is the starting point for Konoma and they work closely with you to develop digital applications – passionately, with unique ideas and with technological precision. For you, your customers, the success of your company and the time that lies ahead of us.

Designing digital solutions means seeing where customers' needs lie, recognising their future wishes and developing products in response to these. Whether the result lies on the table or in your hand, it simply has to captivate the user.


Dynamic and innovative

In the conception phase, it is essential to produce ideas, to see opportunities and to define paths for how you can achieve your goals both efficiently and sensibly. By involving Konoma, you get to collaborate with an experienced and independent partner. The challenges from today therefore create new opportunities for the future.

Our extensive knowledge about technology and the latest innovations and trends gives you peace of mind throughout the entire design process – and the necessary impetus to ensure that unique concepts are effortlessly turned into successful solutions.


Inviting and intuitive

The design phase involves devising the interface between the user and the relevant digital solution. How easy is it to use an app or website? Is the user guidance intuitive? Does it offer tangible added value? We understand the design phase as being the consistent design of the functional user interfaces in an application.

Ever since the development of the iPhone, we have known one thing for sure: The combination of clearly designed interfaces and intuitive operation is a key factor in the success of digital solutions. In this way, we turn a complex idea into something simple.


Open and flexible

Implementing an application is an open and live process. Konoma continuously observes the market; searches for, finds and evaluates new technology; makes decisions; and knows how to effectively utilise these technologies.

At first glance, our digital solutions look simple – and this is exactly how it should be. What you do not see is the extensive detailed knowledge, the innovative technology and the well-crafted programming. In a project with us, you will come to value these benefits.