Results to be proud of

Aeropers app – the easy way to record flying hours.

How long is a pilot allowed to fly for? It can sometimes be quite complicated to find the answer to this because flying times are calculated entirely differently depending on the circumstances. However, it is essential that pilots comply with the flight time limitations. On behalf of Aeropers, Konoma conceptualised, designed and implemented an app that radically simplifies the process of calculating each person's permitted flying hours: Individually, for self-checking and for every pilot at Swiss International Air Lines.

Swisscom – find out precise information with online financial reports.

Management Digital Data AG (MDD) and Konoma work together to develop Swisscom's online financial report. MDD processes all of the data for the financial report, while Konoma conceptualises, designs and implements the online platform. The success story of Swisscom's online financial report has been updated on an ongoing basis for three years now. In the online financial report, the reader finds the important facts, the figures compared to the previous year, and a video from the CEO discussing the most important events: Fast, uncomplicated and to the point.

Aargauische Kantonalbank: Digital support for customer advisors.

The collaborative development started with a workshop. The customer advisors at the Aargauische Kantonalbank set out their pain points and needs. Konoma used these as the basis for developing the prototypes for a customer advisor app, tested this, optimised it, tested it again and then, in turn, used this as the basis for developing the tool. Everyday processes can now be planned over the long-term and users can take a considered approach to how they respond to certain events. As part of an additional project, a digital advice feature is also being added to the tool.

Kablan - Logistics made simple.

The world is digital. Also in construction and above all in logistics. Konoma and Kablan were faced with the challenge: How can we make sure that the empty bobbins from the construction site find their way back to the warehouse and do not end up as decorative bar tables? In the conception phase, the life cycle and process of such a bobbin was worked out in order to develop a suitable solution. Finally, the ideas were sharpened on site in order to design a user-friendly app in a practical way. The app now supports the logisticians in making sure that no bobbins are forgotten during collection. A pity about the nice bar tables, but good for Kablan.

The cinema app from Sterk Cine AG. Order cinema tickets and intuitively reserve seats.

Shall we go to the cinema? Why not? With the cinema app from Sterk Cine AG, you can book cinema tickets and reserve seats easily while you are out and about. You receive the cinema tickets directly to your mobile phone. With the intuitive seat reservation feature, you know exactly where you are sitting in the cinema. If you are interested in a film that has not hit cinemas yet, you can save this film and you will receive a notification when it is released. All of this is thanks to the Sterk cinema app and website from Konoma. Right from the launch of the app, Sterk Cine AG was seen as a pioneer. Today, the app has become a real trendsetter.

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