Digital is simple.

Konoma designs and develops digital solutions for medium-sized and large companies. It is always our aim to strengthen the interaction between you and your customers by bringing your products and offerings to life.

Every digital solution should be an invitation to your customers and, at the same time, be a step into the future. Konoma takes this step together with you. In doing so, ease of use, vision and a pragmatic evaluation of what is possible all play a decisive role. In many cases, projects develop in such a way that, in the end, much more becomes possible than was originally planned. This is thanks to our high standards, our openness and the expertise of our wide range of specialists.

Customers trusting us:

Thinking ahead and adding a personal touch.

Developing digital solutions not only means thinking ahead, it also means saying goodbye to the familiar. In this phase, courage, an entrepreneurial spirit, clear goals and prudence are indispensable. Konoma is happy to personally accompany you along the way. Miriam Schnyder and Thierry Rietsch, with their knowledge, experience and, of course, with a completely fresh approach, are by your side as your contact partners. We look forward to hearing from you.